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Beach Yoga

Years ago a friend asked me to teach yoga on the beach. I did so, somewhat tentatively at first but it was the class that launched my teaching career. I love to teach yoga anytime or anywhere. However, yoga in nature has something extra…..prana. Prana is the yogic term for life force, vital to our physical health and well-being. Yogis say we can cultivate this life force energy from the good foods we eat and through the breath. This is one reason that deepening the breath is central to the practice. The beach air is super charged with prana and lends itself beautifully to the practice of yoga.

Gratitude and beauty elevate the mind, open the heart and feed the soul. Each week, the ocean presents a new mood, a new face. Somedays dolphins appear. Some days the waves are huge and fierce drowning out all thought;  somedays soft and soothing.  Mind quietens and the true Self shines through.

Find yourSelf at the beach! Our all-level group class meets Wednesday mornings at 8:30 in the Newport area. For more about my teaching, please look on my website at: http://www.alisonbrownyoga.com or just give me a call at (949) 246-8093.
Namaste! Alison


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