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Positively Radiant!

Warm Blessings!

In fall of 2014 I was stuck. Intuitively I knew I needed to revisit the transformative meditation practice that created a radical shift in my life many years ago.

Earnestly, I began practicing the mantra associated with each energy center or chakra. It became apparent the root and sacral centers were blocked.

The beauty of the chakra system is that it functions somewhat like windows in your home. Clean the window, see more clearly. In this case, we become more radiant as Essence can participate in our lives more freely!

Conversely – in this case –  when the first or root chakra is blocked, we may feel ungrounded, or struggle to manifest our dreams. No juice in the sacral center and our vitality, intimate relationships and creativity go on vacation without us.

The mantra or “seed sound” acts like a key or a tuning fork to clean, clear and increase each chakra’s energetic frequency. This is when the good stuff begins to happen! I spent time focussing on the areas I felt most blocked and began to feel more alive.

Quite by surprise, a new and inspired work to bubble out of me. One thing led to another and I am now specializing in yoga for pelvic healing (Sarton Physical Therapy, pelvichealing.com) Step one on a journey of women’s healing and empowerment work. Please stay tuned!

In addition,  I am delighted to be offering this potent practice, Radiance meditation as a six- week series. We will learn and discuss where in the body and what dimension of our lives each of the seven chakras govern. Classes we will combine yoga, movement, breath, sound, visualization and mantra meditation. Whether you’ve been yearning for a meditation practice and/or you’d like to experience increased vibrancy, healing of the heart or seeing more clearly, you’ll find this journey to be insightful, playful and profound. I invite you to join me!

Saturday afternoons, March 21st – April 25th, 2 – 4 pm. Irvine home-studio (Address given upon registration)

Cost: $240

To register or for further information please call (949) 246-8093 or email me at info@alisonbrownyoga.com




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