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Good-day friends!
It’s Spring and I am excited to share with you a melding of great things.

Yoga (breath) and hiking = PranaHikes

The perfect duo!
The idea overtook me one day while hiking the Shady Canyon trail. A vista revealing snow capped mountains “inspired” me to breath and yoga. Surrounded by nature, the fresh air felt good, within and without. As my mind moved into stillness, colors became brighter and the bird’s symphony lifted my Spirit.
There is a natural high that comes from being out in nature hiking with friends. Conscious breath and yoga make it that much better!

Prana is the yogic word for the lifeforce.  It is in every breath we breathe  and  we can cultivate it by being in nature, eating nutritious food and by the mindset of gratitude. Prana leads to vitality and the “natural-high” that circulates in our heart, minds and bodies.
While the earth is green, I invite you to join me most Saturdays 9 am and/or Tuesday mornings beginning in April.  Each outing will be approximately one and a half to two hours long in the Irvine/Newport and Laguna areas. Mostly gentle to moderate hikes, easy yoga (don’t worry, no headstands….. unless you want to!)

For details and for further information:

info@alisonbrownyoga.com or (949) 246-8093

Donation only.

“In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.”  John Muir


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