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Twenty-nine days into this new year! The world at large has seen some dramatic events the last couple of weeks. What about YOUR world? How is your everyday world so far? Go on, take a nice deep breath. Are your relationships improving? Are you feeling more joy? Are you living true to your intentions and still feeling some of the energy and hope that comes with the beginning of a new year?

Often, in my past, by the end of January some of the new year’s glow begins to disappear. All too soon it’s back to that “business as usual” feeling . Maybe my intentions were just too intangible or my goals lost in everyday challenges.

Well, recently, in one of my wonderful yoga therapy classes, one of my teachers suggested that we begin our day- intentionally. ( I LOVE THIS PRACTICE!!!!) This wonderful simple way of co-creating the day helps me keep alive the sense of intentionality; how I would like to live my life.

There are obviously many ways one can begin their day intentionally. Here is Arun Deva’s suggestion based on Ayurvedic principles.

Before you get out of bed, sit up and rub the palms of your hands together creating a sense of friction and warmth. Place the palms over your eyes. Allow your eyes to feel nurtured by this energy. Take the hands away from your eyes, look at your palms from a distance and then look at them up close. Do this several times as a way of stimulating your vision. Next, place your hands in namaste, palms together by your heart and here’s where you can get as personal and creative as you like. These are a few ideas; say a prayer or invocation, sing a chant, set an intention, visualize your day flowing smoothly (especially if you know there is a challenge up ahead), send love, or you can simply connect with Divine Source and feel gratitude. (The power is in the feeling!)

No matter what you choose, the important thing is that you begin your day CONSCIOUSLY, setting the tone for the day.

Did I mention this is a “practice”?? Some days I wake up and I remember to do this when I have already reached the bathroom and am brushing my teeth. I think that still counts!!! Yes, more and more I am remembering to begin my day this way.

Give it a go! I find it makes a difference. The quality of my day improves and sometimes I am rewarded with some really nice surprises.

Try not to be discouraged if you have never done anything like this before. It is like exercising a muscle. It may not be strong at first but with a little practice it becomes noticeably stronger, more skilled and in this case, more creative.
Have fun. Live well. Stay tuned!!!


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Hello and welcome to my new blog.  I am excited to share with you my insights on yoga and healthy living.

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